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Master Eyal Yanilov
Pedro Aneiros




08 Jul 2020 - 12 Jul 2020


9:00 am - 6:00 pm


€890 B&B Included!

Control & Restraint Instructor Course | Kadima, Israel – Exclusive!

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KMG has been training various kinds of security and police units around the world, as well as developing law-enforcement instructors from governmental units around the world. We are further providing such education to our civilian KMG instructors, who are interested to excel and learn higher levels (ranks).

Course Curriculum is mainly from Expert 4-5 Levels. The purpose of this course is for you to acquire the knowledge and abilities in subjects related to KMG for control and restrain, security and law enforcement, alongside the skills to deliver it to your students.

Main Ingredients of the Instructors Course:

– Pain compliance principles and techniques
– Locks, grabs and leverages to control a standing person (and move him/her away from the area)
– Locks and leverages to take down a person (with a continuation of control on the ground)
– Tying up a controlled person (for further but less attentive control)
– Specific use of common objects
– Protection and retention of belongings
– Applications of the course curriculum when Defending and Considering a 3rd Party / VIP
– Simulations that integrate control and restrain techniques
– Manual and lesson plans are supplied to course participants

As a KMG Instructor and/or School Owner, after graduating the course, you will be able to deliver unique and distinct seminars and sessions, and also integrate the course material in regular classes you give your higher-level students.

Participation in the Course includes accommodation at Eyal Yanilov’s home and breakfast. Training will also be conducted on the premises, at Eyal’s private studio.
Accommodation includes showers, restrooms, and a kitchenette. There are separate rooms for men and women. In each room, there are 8 cozy equipped capsule beds. There is also an outdoor swimming pool for your enjoyment.

We recommend you arrive in Israel a day before the course start date, to settle in and rest before training.

Please note that since this is a private residence, we ask you to arrive at the house during these times – from 7:30 until 21:00. No earlier or later. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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