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KMG Estonia - Janek Junja


KMG Estonia - Janek Junja


Rune Lind




24 - 26 Sep 2021



GFC | Tallinn, Estonia

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Ground Fighting Course

Dates: September 24-26, 2021

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

The Krav Maga Global Ground Fighting Course (KMG GFC) has been designed to meet the ever growing
popularity of how to move and fight on the ground, due to the popularity of grappling/wrestling related
sports (GWRS), from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and of course wrestling. All of
which have extensive skills in takedowns, and some also in the concept of ‘cage work’ or ‘fighting off
the cage’

KMG is a horizontal system that works to solve emerging threats. The shift towards GWRS skills is something that must be address if we wish to continue to be a complete system of self defence and fighting skills.

The focus of a KMG Instructor or Practitioner should not be to excel in the skills of GWRS for
competitive purposes, however we must train and consider the skills for a number of vital reasons.

  • The confidence of knowing how a competitive fighter fights on the ground will enhance your skills
    on the ground.
  • Not knowing how to operate on the ground can be mentally devastating if one happens to end up
    there with a strong or more technical fighter.
  • The different drills and levels of sparring will provide the both instructors and students with multiple
    opportunities to “fight” in training, and become comfortable with someone working against you with
    resistance, or with ‘aliveness’ as it is known.

The GFC requires that all participants hold a KMG P2 grade or above, as the course does not cover
striking and therefore expects all participants to have previous knowledge in this skill base.
The GFC is a practical course with the goal of all participants to leave with actual practical knowledge,
having gained some physical experience.
The material will be taught at the appropriate pace, to allow participants to gain a reasonable level of


Pre-requisites: P2 level and up.

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